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Good Charlotte sign to Capitol/EMI

Multi-platinum rock sensations Good Charlotte announced today that they have joined the EMI family, signing to Capitol Records. Their highly-anticipated fifth full-length album “Cardiology” will be out in the US in late October, almost exactly 10 years after their self-titled debut established the band as one of the most exciting bands of the new century.

Originally formed as a pop-punk band in Waldorf, Maryland, in 1996, Good Charlotte—vocalist Joel Madden, guitarist Benji Madden, guitarist Billy Martin, bassist Paul Thomas and the latest edition, drummer Dean Butterworth—have sold over 10 million records to date and penned countless mainstream radio hits such as “The Anthem,” “Lifestyles Of The Rich & Famous” and “Hold On.”

Welcome, GC!

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  1. JoJo,

    Dude, GC was at my station in Philly and their set was crazy! Check it out here: http://www.q102.com/cc-common/ondemand/

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