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Fans invited to design merchandise for new Iron Sky film

‘Iron Sky’ is a new sci-fi film due for release next year. Set in 2018 when, having fled into space in 1945 to hide out on the dark side of the moon, the Nazis return to claim the earth.

It’s directed by Finnish director Timo Vuorensola and EMI has teamed up with the producers to sell and distribute the movie’s merchandise around the world. In an innovative move, fans will be invited to submit their own ideas and designs, the best of which will be incorporated into the official range.

Vuorensola’s previous movie was ‘Star Wreck’ which has built up a sizeable following around the world, giving ‘Iron Sky’ a large and active fan base with whom the film’s creators keep in regular touch. As Vurorensola explains: “One of the driving forces of our production is keeping in direct contact with our fans, both in social media and in our collaborative movie creation platform Wreckamovie. Involving the fans in creating our merchandise and fan products is the logical next step.”

Read the announcement in full here and check out the first footage from the movie in this just-released trailer. Definitely looks like one not to be missed! Full info on everything about the film is on the ‘Iron Sky’ website.

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3 Comments so far. Leave a comment below.
  1. Hello EMI!
    Maybe you could get design ideas through Wreckamovie?

    • Angela,

      Indeed, that would seem a perfectly logical course of action, seen that the movie production itself is already been supported by the fans there!

  2. Angela,

    That’s absolutely awesome! Who better than the fans would ever be able to judge about the best kind of merchandise for a movie?

    And aside from that, this indeed does perfectly match the spirit of Wreckamovie. ^__^

    I applaud and say BRAVO!

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