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ESPN Proclaims 2010 as “the Year of The Dougie”

The boys of the Cali Swag District are doing The Dougie in the end zone, as ESPN has officially declared 2010 the “Year of the Dougie.”  This red hot dance has become a favorite move for gridiron heroes, who have been been breaking out their versions of The Dougie to celebrate touchdowns across America’s National Football League. 

Still not sure what we’re talking about?   Here’s a quick history lesson from ESPN about the origins of this summer’s street dance craze:

It was named after legendary rapper-performer Dougie Fresh, borrowing from the way he, for the past 25 years, runs his hands over his head and dips and leans his shoulders in ‘n’ out doing his patented dance.

Celebrities have been Tweeting about their Dougie skills and posting their own viral versions to YouTube as the single climbs the charts.  The official video from the Cali Swag District has over 5 million views.  The Dougie has definitely earned its place in the dance annals next to ’87′s Cabbage Patch, ’94′s Tootsee Rolling and ’09′s Stanky Leg.

One more time, teach us how to Dougie:
Cali Swag District – Teach Me How To Dougie

Cali Swag District (follow @caliswagdstrct) | MySpace Music Videos

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