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Empire of the Sun add Toronto, NY and LA to Lollapalooza date on live North American debut

In support of their album Walking On A Dream, Australia’s Empire Of The Sun is proud to announce three exclusive North American tour dates in August in addition to Lollapalooza in Chicago.  The band continues to draw praise, accolades and new fans:

  • 7 ARIA Award wins in Australia including Album of the Year, Single of the Year, Best Group and Best Pop Release
  • Two Brit Award nominations in February
  • An appearance on Jay-Z’s latest album
  • Double-Platinum status at home in Australia, Gold status in the UK, and a chart hit worldwide

The electro- psychedelic project is led by Luke Steele, the enigmatic wunderkind behind Australia’s The Sleepy Jackson.  Exotic, lavish, larger-than-life, Walking On A Dream is a bold, visionary and quite brilliant album, which manages to sound exhilaratingly contemporary, audaciously forward-looking, yet also curiously archaic all at once.   You can watch one of Empire Of The Sun’s much buzzed-about live shows here

“Hot pink square guitars and men in full laboratory jumpsuits were what I spotted on stage, and I knew we were in for something special. Sure enough, when Luke Steele hit the stage his world of dreams exploded with him and I witnessed one of the most stunning debut live performances ever. Beautiful lights, otherworldly video projections, and Luke with his spiky headware and flanked by four costumed dancers, taking to the stage. Pitch perfect, he ran through Empire of the Sun’s debut album with costume changes, heavy beats, and a world of intergalactic colour and light filling the stage. The dancers changed costumes almost every song. I pondered to a friend if this was the work of a genius art director but no, this is what is inside Luke Steele’s head. Empire of the Sun put so much into their maiden voyage into live performance, and it blew me away.”  Zan Rowe, Triple J

Empire Of The Sun US Our Dates:

August 7/Chicago                      Lollapalooza – Grant Park- on sale now

August 8/Toronto                     Sound Academy – on sale 4/30 @ 10am

August 9/New York                  Terminal 5 – on sale 4/30 @ 12pm

August 11 /Los Angeles           Henry Fonda Theatre – on sale 5/1 @ 10am

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