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EMI Music artists from five continents ‘Answer The Call’ for Haiti

More than 50 recording artists from EMI Music around the world have teamed up with the Red Cross to help drive support and awareness of relief efforts in the aftermath of the devastating earthquakes in Haiti.

The campaign, called ‘Answer The Call’, features audio and images from musical artists encouraging fans to take action by donating to their local Red Cross to aid their relief efforts in Haiti (PSAs – Public Support Announcements).

“EMI Music has been a tremendous partner in mobilizing their artists from five continents – South and North America, Africa, Europe and Australia – and more ar ejoining each day to ‘Answer the Call’ and bring attention to the disaster in Haiti,” explained David Meltzer, senior vice president of American Red Cross International Services in a statement. “They have used their public voice to help others and we are deeply appreciative of their generosity.”

The PSA program with the American Red Cross was initiated by Billy Mann, EMI’s President of New Music, International and Global Artist Management, who said: “We thank these many talented artists for ‘Answering the Call’ and using their voices to unite and encourage others to help the Haitian people during this critical time. It is beautiful to see the overwhelming support from the artist community around the world. We hope others will follow their lead and help the Red Cross provice aid where it is most urgently needed for the people of Haiti.”

Here are some of the PSAs:


Juan Luis Guerra:


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