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EMI artists offer support for Chilean earthquake relief effort

On February 27 Chile was impacted by a severe earthquake measuring 8.8 on the Richter Scale. On March 27, Chilean singer-songwriter Alberto Plaza was joined by 27 artists from EMI and other labels from across Latin America and Spain to record a new version of his classic song ‘Que cande la vida’.

Alberto Plaza

The song, a heartfelt message of hope originally written and performed by Plaza, was first released by EMI in 1985 and has since become one of the best known and loved songs in Chile. This new recording of ‘Que cante la vida’, coordinated by EMI, will be released through iTunes on April 6, with all proceeds donated to the Red Cross.

Listen to an excerpt here.

The full list of participating artists, in alphabetical order, is:

A.B Quintanilla
Alberto Plaza
Alejandra Guzmán
Aleks Syntek
Alex Ubago
Alexandre Pires
Carlos Baute
Christian Chávez (ex RBD)
Fausto Miño
Fanny Lu
Franco de Vita
Gaby (Kudai)
Jorge Villamizar (ex Bacilos)
Juan Fernando Velasco
Juan Luis Guerra
Koko Stambuk
Lena Burke
Luis Fonsi
Marciano (Los Enanitos Verdes)
Mario Guerrero
Noel Schajris (Sin Bandera)
Pablo (Kudai)
Pablo Herrera
Pee Wee
Ricardo Montaner

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