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Deadmau5 confirms new album track listing and UK tour

Superstar DJ Deadmau5 will release his highly anticipated third production compilation album ‘4×4+12’ through Virgin Records on December 6 and will embark on a UK tour kicking off in Bournemouth on December 8.


The new dates follow a worldwide tour this year in which Deadmau5 has played for hundreds of thousands of fans at major festivals and venues across the globe including Brixton Academy (3 consecutive nights) and Creamfields in the UK and Ibiza.

Deadmau5’s new single ‘Sofi Needs A Ladder’ made it’s live debut in front of a 50,000 strong crowd at Miami’s Ultra Music Festival in March. Other tracks on ‘4×4=12’ also include ‘Cthulhu Sleeps’, ‘Some Cords’, ‘Raise Your Weapon’ and ‘One Trick Pony’, also featuring vocalist Sofi.

Deadmau5 will bring his spectacular live show back to the UK in December for a six date electronic music extravaganza featuring support from Magnetic Man, Calvin Harris (DJ set) and Stanton Warriors. BBC Radio One will broadcast highlights from the Glasgow leg of the tour.

Click below for a taster of the live show…

Deadmau5 is also set to star as an in-game character in DJ Hero 2 with his massive single ‘Ghosts ‘n Stuff’ included in the games’ soundtrack.

For full details of the tour and album tracklisting visit www.deadmau5.com

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  1. I think I am a deadmau5 addict. only wish I could catch one or more of these UK tour dates.

    Can’t wait till the new album drops. until then, I will get my daily fix.
    random album title (RAT), for lack of a better name, and whatever else I can get scraped online.

    deadmau5, there is no substitute.
    whatever..does anyone even read this shite?

    if so, hit me up:
    robust tech by logiic

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