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David Guetta to premiere new single and party anthem “Gettin’ Over You” with Chris Willis featuring Fergie and LMFAO during Winter Music Conference

Grammy Award winning DJ/Producer David Guetta will premiere his latest single “Gettin’ Over You” with Chris Willis featuring Fergie and LMFAO live this Friday during his set At Ultra at Winter Music Conference with a special live performance with Chris Willis and LMFAO.   The new single is an updated production of the album track “Gettin’ Over” featuring Chris Willis and has been revamped for the global dance floors and airwaves with addition vocals from Fergie and LMFAO. It will be released digitally on April 13th via the upcoming version of Guetta’s Grammy nominated album ‘One Love.’

“I’m really excited about the new mix of ‘Gettin’ Over You,’ said Guetta.  Fergie’s and Chris Willis’ powering vocals combined with LMFAO on the mic results in a dance floor explosion unlike anything else being heard right now.”

David and wife Cathy Guetta will throw their infamous F*** ME I’M FAMOUS party on Saturday, March 27th at Mansion in Miami.  The F*** ME I’M FAMOUS parties which are thrown weekly over the summer in Ibiza have become one of the most known and successful dance parties around the world.  Guetta is also confirmed to appear at this year’s Coachella on April 17th and has added club dates in Chicago, San Francisco and Las Vegas (full schedule below).

David Guetta On Tour:

March 26       Miami, FL                              Ultra

March 27       Miami, FL                              Mansion (F*** Me I’m Famous)

April 3             Chicago, IL                           Congress Theatre

April 15          San Francisco, CA               Ruby Skye

April 16          Las Vegas, NV                     Haze

April 17          Palm Springs, CA                Coachella

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