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David Guetta, deadmau5 triumph at the International Dance Music Awards

Congratulations to deadmau5 and David Guetta who both had multiple wins at this year’s International Dance Music Awards in Miami last week.

Deadmau5, seen here at the winners podium, won Best Electro Track, Best American DJ and Best Solo Artist.


David Guetta meanwhile picked up the Best Progressive/Tech House Track, Best Pop Dance Track, Best European DJ and Best Producer awards. A full list of IDMA winners can be found here.

Both David and deadmau5 have just been confirmed as headliners on the main stage at this year’s Creamfields dance music festival in Cheshire in the UK on August 28. And staying in the UK, this Wednesday, March 31, the music of deadmau5, and the man himself, will both feature  in the latest episode of Gossip Girl on ITV2.

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