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Cypress Hill announce new live dates

As we count down the few remaining days to the release of the new Cypress Hill album ‘Rise Up’ on April 19 (April 20 in North America) the band have announced a string of live dates in North America and Europe.

Cypress Hill

Starting tomorrow, April 10, in Philadelphia the band will stage a number of special shows where they will preview songs from their new album. On April 19 they will perform on an outdoor stage for US TV show Jimmy Kimmel Live where they will be joined by Rage Against The Machine/Street Sweeper Social Club/The Nightwatchman guitarist Tom Morello (who also just happened to produce and co-write current single ‘Rise Up’).

The tour proper starts on 11 May in Houston. Throughout the summer the band are also booked for a numer of festival dates including Lollapalooza in Chicago and the Leeds and Reading festival in the UK.

More info is on the band’s website, and you can also keep up with all the latest Cypress Hill news with this brand new widget:

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