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Chiddy Bang – new video from the kings of the basement party jam

Chiddy Bang

Described by some bloggers as a ‘hipsters wet dream’, themselves preferring ‘kings of the basement party jam’, new EMI signing Chiddy Bang release their debut single ‘Opposite of Adults’ next month, and the videofor this former Radio 1 record of the week is now out.

Sampling MGMT’s ‘Kids’ (they all went to the same school), ‘The Opposite Of Adults’ perfectly embodies the indie/electronica/hip-hop hybrid that the Philadelphia-based duo of Chiddy (name Proto, MC, aged 19) and Xaphoon Jones (Noah, DJ/producer, also 19) have made their own. Other chosen samples of theirs include Passion Pit and even Mary Poppins.

‘The Opposite Of Adults’ EP is released by Regal/Parlophone on February 22 on vinyl and download. If you want a download of their before that, anyone who registers for the Chiddy Bang mailing list gets a free MP3 of ‘Ice Cream Man’.

Watch the video for ‘The Opposite Of Adults’  in sparkling High Definition here

Chiddy Bang | MySpace Music Videos

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