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Chiddy Bang follows UK success with US releases on Virgin Records

Philadelphia-based electro-inspired Hip Hop duo Chiddy Bang is lining up a slew of new projects. First to come is the single, “Opposite of Adults,”  an infectious dance track which went to #11 on the UK charts (Parlophone/EMI) and will be available at iTunes in the US on April 20th. Next up is an EP, for release on June 1, 2010, followed by a full-length debut album, due out in August 2010.

The accompanying video for “Opposite of Adults” has proven to be a fan favorite right out the gate and got a thumbs-up from Kanye West, who posted it to his widely-read blog.  Directed by Ben Dickinson, the entertaining video has over 1 million views on YouTube alone.   It also garnered the group attention from MTVU, where they were a Winning Freshman Video in the “Best Freshmen Video” series and MTV.com, who called them a “Buzzworthy Obsession.”  The video is currently in rotation on MTV, MTV2 and MTVU.

The Philly based duo, comprised of Nigerian born emcee Chidera “Chiddy” Anamege and DJ/producer, Xaphoon Jones, met while enrolled as students at Drexel University. Audiences became acquainted with Chiddy’s freestyles over Xaphoon’s electronic and indie rock hybrid beats, which ultimately has become their calling card, through their well received first mixtape, Swelly Express, released in November 2009. Loopy and full of swagger, Swelly Express which has been downloaded over 100,000 times, sampled Passion Pit, MGMT, Tom Waits, Radiohead and even Mary Poppins and featured a guest appearance by Black Thought of The Roots. Blackbook Magazine named Swelly Express as one of “Three 2009 Mixtapes You Must Own” alongside Drake’s So Far Gone and Donnis’s Diary of an Atlanta Brave.

“We could make a million soul sampling records everyday but that’s not what Chiddy Bang is about. It’s about making great music, great hip hop and pop. Virgin Records/EMI gives us the ability to do that”, says Chiddy. “It’s been a wild year, from hustling those dorm room parties with Swelly Express to hearing our single on London radio. Being signed to EMI, the home of Snoop Dogg, Depeche Mode, everyone we admire is the dopest thing we could ask for.”

Check out Chiddy Bang’s MySpace page for up to date, confirmed information on the upcoming EP and album, tours and club appearances.

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