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Celtic Woman TV Special receives Emmy® nomination

Celtic Woman and their Musical Director David Downes have been honored with an Emmy® Nomination for “Outstanding Music Direction” of the recent PBS TV special, “Songs From The Heart, Live at Powerscourt House & Gardens.”

“Manhattan Records are extremely proud of the always stellar performances delivered by Celtic Woman as well as the tremendous effort the entire creative and technical team contributed towards making this TV special and related DVD such a huge success,” remarked Blue Note / Manhattan Records President Ian Ralfini.

The Emmy® nominated PBS TV special began airing in December as part of the network’s quarterly pledge drive, immediately generating significant audience numbers.  Upon its release in January 2010, the companion DVD debuted #1 on the Billboard DVD Music Video Chart.

Celtic Woman is currently on tour in support of the album “Songs From the Heart.”  For a full list of their tour dates click here.

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