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Celebs, sports stars rally around Luke Bryan in video

A viral video campaign helped get Capitol Nashville artist Luke Bryan a coveted nomination for the Academy of Country Music’s Top New Artist Award.  And now, for the second time, over 40 celebrities from top Country recording artists, to actors/actresses, comedians and professional sports celebrities, and yes, even a U.S. Olympian have joined forces to spread the word about Luke Bryan’s nomination for The Academy of Country Music’s Top New Artist in “Look Who’s Voting For Luke Bryan!!! (Don’t Vote For Luke – The Sequel).

Check out the new video and see if you recognize all of the incredible talent ready to give their vote to Luke.  The don’t forget to vote at the ACM site – votes due April 18th, 2010.  The 45th Annual ACM Awards Show airs LIVE on April 18, at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.

Answers to come tomorrow!

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