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Bunbury builds on career track record with new no.1s in Spain and Mexico

Bunbury is one of the best loved and most successful artists from Spain and he has this week continued his impressive career run of achievement with his new album, ‘Las Consecuencias’ topping the charts in both Spain and Mexico in its first week of release. Bunbury also has the most watched video in Spain and the top selling digital album on iTunes in Spain.

BunburyOne of the most successful and influential artists in Spanish rock, Bunbury started his career as frontman of the band Heroes del Silencio. In 1997 he released the first of his now six solo albums. ‘Las Consecuencias’ is one of his most intimate projects to date, in his own words, more of a ‘chamber’ record. It was certified a gold seller in Spain on its very first day of release.

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