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Anita Baker announces new album, “21st Century Love” out Nov. 9

R & B icon Anita Baker’s upcoming studio album from EMI’s Blue Note Records will be entitled “21st Century Love,” featuring guest appearances from Snoop Dogg and Tyrese, and will be released November 9 in the US.  The ten track offering is Baker’s seventh studio album.

On “Give Me Your Love,” Anita remakes the classic Curtis Mayfield track that was released in 1972 on the soundtrack for the film “Super Fly.”  Anita recalls, “When I was planning on making this record, I was thinking, who is Super Fly these days?  And immediately I knew I had to get Snoop on the song.”  Baker’s other collaboration has her teaming up with her good friend Tyrese, the R & B singer and actor, for a remake of Tyrese’s first single, “Lately.”

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