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Enter the “Dark Night of the Soul” Hipstamatic Photo Contest — Danger Mouse will pick the Best of Show winner

The fine folks at Hipstamatic — the cool iPhone App that seeks to recreate the magic started in the 80′s with ‘the little plastic camera with the golden shutter’ – host a cool creative challenge every month.  And this month, the Big Hipstamatic Show challenge is centered around ”Dark Night of the Soul” — the amazing new album from Danger Mouse and Sparkehorse which counts filmmaker David Lynch as one of its major collaborators.   Here’s how it works:  listen to a track and then take and upload an image inspired by the music.  It’s simple:  listen, capture and then share your entry.  Get your friends, family and acquaintances to check out and tweet about your entry to move up the leaderboard for a chance to win some very cool prizes, including the chance to be part of an upcoming Hipstamatic travelling exhibit.  DangerMouse will pick the Best of Show entry.

Scoot on over to Hipstamatic to enter, browse the leaderboard and pick some faves.

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