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Trace Adkins: Award-winning Country Singer, TV Star…and Comic Book Muse?

In addition to being a platinum-selling country artist, TRACE ADKINS has been a reality TV star, a best-selling author, and an actor. Now, he’s becoming a comic book action hero. On Wednesday, November 11, 12 Gauge Comics will release LUKE McBAIN #1, the first in an original four-part comic book series. Subsequent issues will be hitting comic book stores monthly through February 2010.

The title character, Luke McBain was inspired by Adkins’ likeness and persona and developed after popular comic book writer David Tischman (“Red Herring,” “Greatest Hits”) and 12 Gauge publisher, Keven Gardner spent time with Adkins to make the role more authentic.

The adventure begins in the first issue as McBain returns to his Louisiana hometown after 14 years in prison, having taken the fall for a crime he didn’t commit. But not everyone’s happy to have him back; especially his younger brother, Paul, who runs the family business – a Mill that employs most of the town. Paul’s up to no good, and only McBain has the guts to stop him. It’s brother against brother, for the soul of the community.

Luke McBain comic books will also be available on Adkins’ official website, www. traceadkins.com and through the publisher’s website www.12gaugecomics.com. A special limited Tour Edition of Luke McBain: #1 will be available at Adkins’ concerts beginning in November. To locate a local comic book store visit www.comicshoplocator.com or call 1-888-COMIC BOOK.

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