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Rosanne Cash Debuts “The List” at Brooklyn Performing Arts Center Benefit

Singer/songwriter Rosanne Cash wowed a sold out NYC crowd by performing material from her latest album, “The List” (Manhattan Records) at Brooklyn’s St. Ann’s Warehouse last week.   The critically-acclaimed album features 12 songs from a list of essential Americana songs her father, Johnny Cash, made for her when she accompanied him on tour 20 years ago.


The New York Times hailed Cash’s performance, with her “voice both dark and sweet, with a gentle but reliable vibrato, and she knows how to convey the quiet sting of heartache.”

Pictured here (Lto R):  EMI Music CEO Elio Leoni-Sceti, Ms. Cash, Manhattan Record’s Ian Ralfini.


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  1. my sister is into performing arts to, she kind of love it.*’,

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