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Kylie live in New York

Missed Kylie‘s recent amazing tour of North America? Or were there and want to re-live the experience?

Well you’re in luck as on December 14 EMI will release ‘Kylie Live in New York’, recorded on the last date of her tour at the Hammersetin Ballroom in New York, exclusively as a download.

Kylie Live in NY

Ahead of that, for 24 hours from midnight on December 12, a free hour long audio stream of the first half hour of the show will be available at http://wwwyoutube.com/kylieminogue.

And if you can’t wait even that long for some new Kylie tracks, here’s a new version of ‘Speakerphone’ which will be one of the bonus tracks available with the album exclusively through iTunes: watch?v=Fl2MTCUDzmE&feature=player_embedded

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  1. Kylie Minogue is very good at heart. I am impressed the way she has prioritized raising money to find a cure for cancer. I am so proud of you Kylie.

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