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Get Your Country On Tonight

Tonight is country music’s biggest night, when ABC broadcasts the Country Music Awards live from Nashville, Tennessee.

EMI’s Capitol Nashville roster will be well-represented, with Keith Urban nominated as Entertainer of the Year and for Album of the Year for his latest, “Defying Gravity.”  He’s also featured in Brad Paisley’s nomianted Video of the Year.


Keith and label mate Darius Rucker are nominated for Male Vocalist of the Year as well.  And years after his massive success with Hootie and the Blowfish, Rucker is getting a big welcome into the country music community with a nomination for New Artist of the Year for his foray into the country genre.


Lady Antebellum and labelmates Little Big Town are both nominated for Vocal Group of the Year.  Lady A also has a Single of the Year nom for ”Run to You.”

Check out Keith Urban’s big city exit from his recent sold out Madison Square Garden show in NYC here (that shot took a LOT of cable).

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