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EMI partners with new digital music service from Guvera

Just announced out of the US is a new license deal between EMI and Guvera who are planning an interesting new approach for engaging with music consumers with free, licensed downloads. Here’s the full announcement:

Guvera Limited Signs Deals With EMI Music & IODA for 2010 US Launch


NEW YORK, Dec. 9 — Guvera Limited, a search website for free music and digital content provided by brands, announced today a partnership with EMI Music and IODA, offering consumers free, legal downloads from their full music libraries. The announcement comes on the heels of an agreement with Universal Music Group and their leading roster of chart-topping musical artists. With the EMI and IODA deals, Guvera sets the stage for their February 2010, US launch with two major music labels and one of the largest independent digital distributors on board.

Guvera’s mission is to make music free for people worldwide, while paying the artists that create it. At Guvera.com, advertisers and media buying companies will be able to create branded channels, housing relevant styles of music and other digital content and showcasing the particular aspects of a brand’s personality. These branded channels will be totally customizable to the brands – allowing them to skin their channel with logos, imagery, promotion links to other sites, loyalty programs and videos. Once the channel is completed, brands can create a campaign establishing the target audience they look to reach and determining how much content can be downloaded per person and the total campaign spend. They can even print live data about consumer profiles and behavior to better understand their target customers. Brands will pay a fee when their targeted consumers download music, and companies such as EMI and IODA will, in turn, receive a percentage of that fee per download to distribute back to their artists and/or labels.

The consumer experience on Guvera.com is simple with a three step interface: search, select and download. Once the consumer is logged in at Guvera.com, they will be able to go on and search for a specific song, artist or genre. From the list of results, Guvera then displays a list of brands that will pay for it for them. The consumer then clicks on the brand they want will be taken to the branded channel where they can download or stream the file and other related files for free without any DRM and playable on any device.

Claes Loberg, the inventor behind the Guvera model and CEO of Guvera Limited, commented, “I am excited to announce two new music content deals with EMI Music & IODA, helping to build anticipation for brands and consumers for the official 2010 launch.” He added, “With music companies like IODA, which represent independent content owners around the world and EMI Music, another major music label on board, Guvera will allow advertisers to offer the world’s most engaging content to their target customers without disrupting them with ads, but rather creating brand experiences within channels that offer specialized content.”

“Brands increasingly recognize how powerful our artists’ music can be in creating strong, emotional connections with consumers. We believe Guvera’s approach can offer a compelling experience for fans and new revenue opportunities for our artists,” said Mark Piibe, Global Head of Digital Business Development for EMI Music.

“We are impressed by Guvera’s unique approach to the concept of brand channels. By tailoring music to brands instead of just placing ads around music, Guvera creates a new way to meet the goals of all parties involved,” commented Kevin Arnold, founder and CEO of IODA. “Guvera’s experience provides an alternative for consumers looking to legally download music. We look forward to bringing this opportunity to our clients as Guvera’s first digital distributors.”

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