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Come and Get Eli “Paperboy” Reed

US soul sensation and new EMI signing Eli “Paperboy” Reed has announced the UK release of his brand new album – ‘Come And Get It’, on Parlophone Records on April 5 next year.

Eli Paperboy Reed

Reed released two albums and a nomination for Breakthrough Artist of the Year at the 2009 Mojo Awards before signing to EMI’s Capitol Records in Los Angeles. “Paperboy” is the nickname he was given while he played the various juke joints and lounges in Clarkesdale in Mississippi after he left school. He used to wear a hat, now retired, that belonged to his grandfather – a newsboy’s hat in fact.

His voice has been compared to the likes of Sam Cooke, Al Greet and Otis Redding among others, and his mix of classic R&B, blues and soul is highly infective, as he showed on this performance of ‘Take My Love With You’ on Later With Jools Holland:

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