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EMI will release a new Pet Shop Boys EP, ‘Christmas’

On December 14 (December 15 in the US) EMI will release a new Pet Shop Boys EP, ‘Christmas’.

Pet Shop Boys

Tracks are:

It doesn’t often snow at Christmas (new version)
My Girl
All over the world (new version)
Viva la vida/Domino dancing
My Girl (our house mix)

‘It doesn’t often snow at Christmas’ originally was an exclusive 1997 Christmas single only made available to members of the Pet Shop Boys fan club.

‘My Girl’ is the band’s arrangement of the Madness classic, originally performed with Suggs and Carl of Madness at last year’s charity benefit, “Can You Bear It?”, for the family of Chris and Neil’s former assistant and close friend, Dainton Connell, who was tragically killed in a car accident.

‘All over the world’ is a new version of the track on their latest album, ‘Yes’, while the ‘Viva la vida’ track yes is that huge hit from the band’s Parlophone label mates Coldplay. And ‘Domino Dancing’ is the classic Pet Shop Boys song, you know the one so enjoy it here:  watch?v=PFQMn1ezVo4&feature=player_embedded

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