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Bastille confirm March release date for debut album ‘Bad Blood’

For someone yet to release his first album, Dan Smith, the creative force behind Bastille, has already had a good taste of fame: with the band he’s sold out London’s 1,500 capacity KOKO, sold out two UK tours and headline festivals. More sold out UK tour kicks off next month and now Smith is ready [...]

With Love From EMI To You

With Love From EMI To You – check out these great seasonal musical e-cards from EMI: http://smarturl.it/EMIECard

The Beatles Live! Project Launches

The first stage of the development of The Beatles Live! Project, an Apple Corps authorized project, has begun! Digging deep into the world’s TV and radio archives and fans’ basements and attics, the hunt is on for never-before-seen media captured during The Beatles’ concert tours dating back to October of 1963. Were you there? Were [...]

Blue Note’s new iPad app adds hundres of extra tracks, additional features

The stunning new iPad app from Blue Note Records has added a host of new artists, content and features to enhance the discovery and enjoyment of what is one of the greatest collections of music in jazz history. The latest enhancement includes hundreds of new tracks from seminal artists including Art Blakey, Big John Patton, [...]

Gabrielle Aplin’s Christmas love

John Lewis in the UK have just unveiled their new blockbuster Christmas ad which features a stunning version of ‘The Power Of Love’ by Frankie Goes To Hollywood by Parlophone’s very own Gabrielle Aplin. The music spot is one of the most sought after in the advertising calendar. Check it out the full ad, ‘The [...]

Emeli’s Mobo hat trick

Award-winning superstar Emeli Sandé’s amazing year keeps on getting better – last weekend, November 3, she was the big winner at the UK’s Mobo Awards. Emeli went into the night with more nominations than anyone else – five in total. After getting the whole crowd on their feet with her stunning performance of My Kind [...]

Design Richard Hawley’s guitar

Richard Hawley has a treat for his fans. The Mercury Prize-nominated artist has launched a competition to design a brand new skin for his favoured Gretsch guitar. The lucky winner will see their design made and presented to Richard as well as winning VIP tickets to one of his gigs and their own Gretsch G5420T [...]

Blue Note Records launches beautiful new app for iPad

Blue Note Records has today launched a brand new app for iPad in the US and the UK that is the ultimate digital box-set for both jazz aficionados and newcomers alike. The app, which has been developed by Groovebug, offers a rich and immersive way of discovering and enjoying classic jazz recordings from the legendary [...]

Blue Note Records launches rich and immersive new app for iPad developed through OpenEMI

NEW YORK & LONDON, OCTOBER 4 2012 — Blue Note Records, the finest name in jazz music since it was established in 1939, has launched a brand new app for iPad that is the ultimate digital box-set for both jazz aficionados and newcomers alike. Developed by Groovebug, the new Blue Note App delivers a rich [...]

EMI Million Dataset hackathon develops methods for predicting song popularity

LONDON, SEPTEMBER 27 2012 — The process by which listeners decide what music they like – or dislike – on first hearing has become a step clearer, after a global hackathon event held jointly by EMI Music and Data Science London. One hundred and seventy five data scientists from across the world signed up for [...]