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Social responsibility

As a music company we are very fortunate to work with an art form that has such a positive effect on so many people and contributes so much to communities all around the world.

At EMI we want our company to have positive impact through the way we manage our business and the wider role we play in society. Within our own operations, we work hard to understand the expectations of different stakeholders and demonstrate responsible business practices.

Issues that affect our employees and their families, our local communities and our industry drive a culture of charitable giving by EMI and our staff. Our business units around the world are free to make their own community investment decisions so that company resources can be appropriately matched with the local need. In the UK we encourage our employees to participate in volunteer roles with our charity partners on the ground, whilst also making in-kind donations – often merchandise – when and where appropriate.

Within EMI’s framework for community giving we often focus on the issues of youth and music as we believe sharing our knowledge and skills can make a meaningful difference to young people. One of our best known initiatives in this area is the EMI Music Sound Foundation (EMI MSF) which was established by EMI in 1997 and has since become the largest single sponsor of specialist performing arts colleges. To find out more about EMI MSF visit www.emimusicsoundfoundation.com.

In the UK EMI is also supporting the A&R Music Business Apprenticeship run by BIMM, the country’s leading rock ‘n’ roll college. The BIMM and EMI Apprenticeship is designed to develop abilities in specific A&R practices along with the history of A&R and an understanding and overview of the music industry. For more details visit the BIMM website.