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Work experience

Given our pending sale process, our work experience programme is currently under review and, as such, will not be rolled out this summer.  We hope to be accepting applications for 2014 early next year, so be sure to check back for further information on specific dates and how to apply.   


Feedback from our July 2012 programme

“To be given the opportunity to learn about how EMI works and gain a valuable insight into what it would be like working for a record company was amazing.”

“What I loved most about my week’s work experience was the friendly and inspirational people I have met, the experience I’m sure I’ll never get anywhere else, the insight into the music industry I have received and the new friends I made who share similar ambitions.”

“It’s a great experience for people my age because it gives you an idea on whether it’s something you would like to go into in the future. This placement really confirmed to me that music business is what I want to do.”

“It was a brilliant experience and I would recommend it to anyone who has seriously considered working in the music industry.”


EMI Music offers work experience placements targeted at young people who are interested in a future career in the music industry. Placements are aimed at 15-18 year olds and are designed to give an insight into the industry and the creative environment in which we work.

All successful applicants will be reimbursed travel expenses up to £55 a week and provided with a lunch allowance of £6 per day for our onsite canteen.

Application process

Applicants must submit their CV along with a completed application form via email to ukworkexperience@emimusic.com. Applications submitted after the given deadline will be reviewed on an ad-hoc basis and dependent upon placement availability. Please note, however, that we are not currently accepting any applications.

Click here for further information and to apply.