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EMI Music offer a range of paid, 6 month internships in various departments. They are an excellent opportunity to combine your relevant skills with your love of music, in a workplace where being proactive is rewarded. You will gain insight into the music industry and learn how a major record label operates. We are unable to guarantee a job at EMI Music at the end of the internship, but many of our previous interns have secured a role within the company or through contacts they have made during the internship.

Internships are mostly based in High Street Kensington, London, and you will receive a salary of £6,500 over the 6 month period. Unless stated otherwise, they are for a period of 6 months on a full time basis, Monday to Friday.

Interns can also take part in our innovative Creative Channels programme. You can find out more about this on the apprenticeship page.


Current internships

There are currently no internship opportunities available.  Please keep checking back for updates.

To apply please send your CV and covering letter to UKinternships@emimusic.com stating the title of the internship in the subject bar.  We regret that, due to the large volume, we are unable to respond to all emails. Emails from agencies will not be read.


Testimonials from former interns

“ I have been given some really challenging work which has been great and I have had the opportunity to learn some new skills too. The amount of design work I have been given is amazing, especially for my portfolio. I have also met some really cool people who I will definitely be keeping in touch with.” Digital Marketing Intern

“I’ve enjoyed getting an overview of the procedures that go into artist launch campaigns, and tracking their performance. I’ve also enjoyed being part of a dynamic department which is always busy and gave me a higher degree of responsibility than I expected.I have met plenty of friendly colleagues in my department and elsewhere, most of whom have valuable advice and connections. I have learned more about the music industry and how it will develop in the coming years, and I have learned what kind of careers would suit my particular skills, knowledge and interests.” Strategy and Development intern

 “I have really enjoyed getting to know how record companies work, meeting new people and being exposed to different areas within the company.” Classics intern

 “I’ve had the chance to gain firsthand experience of working within the press department of a major label, using skills I’ve acquired previously along with learning a whole host of new skills. The chance to see how all the other departments work has also been a great benefit.” Press intern

“The variety of work that I have been tasked with has been great. I have had the opportunity to work in many different areas of finance and therefore have a much better understanding of the company. I have also been lucky to have a very supportive and attentive manager who has helped me get involved in serious projects in these different departments. I have only been part of the company for a few months but know a lot of people now.” Finance intern

 “I got the chance to work on many different projects (some international) with many different people. I enjoyed the atmosphere in the team and it’s a very nice workplace!” HR intern

 “I would definitely recommend an EMI internship to my friends; I worked with a great team and felt really involved.” Artist Relations intern