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Australia/New Zealand

At EMI we rely on the talent, skills and initiative from our employees in all areas of our operations around the world. We recognise talent within our staff and seek to help them develop through investing in their future. Our staff are empowered to take ownership of their own careers with coaching support and opportunities, in many forms, from the business.

Recruitment at EMI is handled locally through EMI’s Human Resources department. Please email any interest to hr@emimusic.com.au

To keep up to date with what is going on at EMI, read our blog at www.theinsoundfromwayout.com and follow us on Twitter @theinsound

Australia and New Zealand Vacancies

At this time there are no current vacancies


Work Experience – Australia

EMI Music Australia offers a limited number of unpaid work experience placements each year. They are an excellent opportunity to combine your relevant skills with your love of music, in a workplace where being proactive is rewarded. You will gain insight into the music industry and learn how a major record label operates.

Placements are often in our Marketing and Promotions departments, where you will work alongside our department coordinators. However we occasionally accept placements in our A&R, Legal, Human Resources and Finance departments.

Work experience is coordinated through the Human Resources department to make sure the right person is matched to the right placement. In most cases we are only able to offer work experience placements in our Sydney Head Office. Please note: we do not participate in any Overseas Internship programs. Please send your CV/cover letter to hr@emimusic.com.au

Tips for gaining work experience: Placements within EMI are highly sought after. Therefore it helps if you outline the following aspects:

  • Overview of your skills and strengths
  • What you have to offer
  • What you hope to gain from a work experience placement

To stand out amongst other applicants, include as much relevant information in your application form.

We ask that you please be patient as we get a great number of applications for work experience weekly. It takes time to review them all and to see if we can place you. Please also understand that we have only a limited number of places, and are not able to accommodate all requests.

We regret that, due to the large volume, we are unable to respond to all emails. Emails from agencies will not be read.

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The personal information contained in your application and resume is being collected by EMI for the purpose of assessing your application for the above role and any other appropriate employment opportunities with EMI that may be available.  To see how EMI collects and uses your personal information, please read our Privacy Policy, which is available at www.theinsoundfromwayout.com.au