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August 2012
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Month August 2012

Superstar DJ David Guetta to release Nothing But The Beat 2.0 September 10

Don’t miss the new release from superstar DJ and producer David Guetta next month. ‘Nothing But The Beat 2.0′ is out September 10 and features all the hits from Guetta’s critically acclaimed 2011 album ‘Nothing But The Beat’ plus new songs ‘She Wolf (Falling To Pieces)’ feat. Sia, ‘Play Hard’ feat. Ne-Yo and Akon, ‘Wild [...]

Tunaspot launches “Spotify App of the Week” and teams up with EMI Music Nordic for exclusive playlists

Tunaspot, the latest made-in-Sweden music start-up which allows fans to discover and share playlists based around their location, has today launched it’s Spotify App in Sweden, Denmark and Norway. For the launch Tunaspot teams up with EMI Music Nordic for exclusive playlists in major cities and with Swedish headphone designer – The Urbaneers for a [...]

EMI Classics to release Fifty Shades of Grey – The Classical Album

The ‘Fifty Shades’ books have now sold over 31 million copies worldwide with no sign of slowing down and now you an listen to the music that inspired the trilogy with the new EMI Classics release ‘Fifty Shades of Grey – The Classical Album’, a 15-track collection featuring music personally selected by author E L [...]

Conor Maynard debuts at number one

Congratulations to Conor Maynard – ‘Contrast’, the debut album from the 19-year-old British singer and songwriter has shot to number one in the UK in the latest charts, firmly establishing him as the brightest new star on the UK’s music scene! Conor will be celebrating his number one album with performances at this month’s V [...]

Test your knowledge of all things pop with the NOW Trivia Box!

From the early 80s right through to the present day, who is your favourite band or artist? Culture Club, Blondie, Phil Collins, Spice Girls, Blur, Take That, Britney Spears, Kylie, Rihanna, Bruno Mars, Lady Gaga… the list goes on and on! Listening to music evokes special memories for every generation and for the last 29 [...]

Blur official app is live

Blur have just launched a fantastic new app for the iPad and iPhone/iPod Touch which is available through iTunes worldwide as of now. Download it here and enjoy! http://smarturl.it/blurappy. The app includes: – an interactive timeline, marking Blur’s 21 year career to date – rare and previously unreleased audio material, demos and remixes – exclusive [...]