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July 2012
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Day July 2, 2012

Superstar DJ, artist & producer David Guetta extends his long-term partnership with EMI Music

David Guetta says of the re-signing “EMI is home to me. They believed in my music a decade ago when EDM was just an underground scene and took it to another level. I trust in family, energy and spirit.  I’ve had a wonderful group of music loving people surround and support me; they committed to [...]

Earache Records announce UK distribution deal with EMI Music

LONDON, 2 JULY 2012 — Earache Records and EMI Music are proud to announce the completion of a new distribution deal that includes for the first time a partnership in the UK. The deal also sees Earache and EMI renew their existing partnerships in Benelux, France, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Greece, as well as adding [...]

David Guetta extends his long-term partnership with EMI Music

We’re thrilled to announce that David Guetta, the most successful electronic artist in the world right now, has renewed his recording contract with EMI Music. David’s first ever single, ‘Just A Little More Love’ was released by Virgin Music in France in 2001 and he has been part of the EMI family ever since. David [...]