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January 2012
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Day January 29, 2012

Robbie Williams is newest artist to join the OpenEMI digital development platform

CANNES, 29 JANUARY 2012 – EMI Music has launched a new software developer ‘sandbox’ featuring the music and other digital content from the best-selling UK solo artist ever, Robbie Williams, as part of its OpenEMI partnership with The Echo Nest. The sandbox is available now for The Echo Nest’s global network of over 10,000 developers [...]

OpenEMI contest winner announced

First applications developed through OpenEMI prepared for release CANNES, 29 JANUARY 2012 – – An audio and video remix app for EMI Music hip-hop duo Chiddy Bang has today been unveiled as the winner of the inaugural OpenEMI contest. Launched last year in partnership between EMI Music and The Echo Nest, the contest offered $5000 [...]