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June 2011
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Day June 20, 2011

EMI Group to explore strategic alternatives

LONDON – EMI Group Ltd (EMI), one of the world’s leading music companies, announced today that the Board of Directors of its holding company, EMI Group Global Ltd (the “Company”), has initiated a process to explore and evaluate potential strategic alternatives, including a possible sale, recapitalisation or initial public offering of the Company. In making [...]

The Japanese Popstars’ new album ‘Controlling Your Allegiance out this week’

After a helping hand from their very own baboon, rising UK electronic dance stars The Japanese Popstars release their great new album ‘Controlling Your Allegiance’ today through Virgin Records (tomorrow, June 21, in the US through Astralwerks). Links to buy the album can be found here. Hailing from Northern Ireland, The Japanese Popstars have developed [...]