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May 2011
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Day May 13, 2011

The Japanese Popstars introduce Joshua the baboon

Live electronic band The Japanese Popstars have just launched a brilliant, groundbreaking new Facebook app, Joshua the baboon. Inspired by their new single ‘Joshua’ featuring Tom Smith from The Editors (out May 22), within The Japanese Popstars Facebook page lies animated baboon Joshua, confined to his cage, hungry and howling. Fans can help Joshua by [...]

EMI Classics celebrates hat trick of awards at Classic BRIT Awards

Alison Balsom crowned Female Artist of the Year Double nominee Antonio Pappano wins Male Artist of the Year Violinist Vilde Frang wins Newcomer Award EMI Classics celebrates a hat trick of artist awards at the 2011 Classic BRIT Awards, which took place at London’s Royal Albert Hall on 12th May 2011. Acclaimed British trumpeter Alison [...]

EMI scores at hat-trick at the Classic BRITs

Congratulations to EMI Classics artists Alison Balsom, Antonio Pappano and Vilde Frang who were all winners last night at the prestigious Classic BRIT Awards in London. Alison Balsom, Antonio Pappano & Vilde Frang. Photo (c) Richard Johnson for EMI Classics Acclaimed British trumpeter Alison Balsom won Female Artist of the Year for her ‘Italian Concertos’ [...]