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May 2011
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Day May 10, 2011

Pink Floyd redefine their EMI legacy

Very exciting news today that there will be a new major release campaign for Pink Floyd encompassing CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray discs, SACD, an array of digital formats, viral marketing, iPhone Apps and a brand new single-album ‘Best Of’. The legendary band, whose association with EMI dates back to 1967, recently signed an agreement with EMI [...]

Pink Floyd redefine their EMI legacy

Major Pink Floyd release campaign, Why Pink Floyd…?, to include unreleased music from the archives, collectors’ box sets and complete studio recordings remastered. Pink Floyd and EMI Music, whose association dates from 1967, announce a comprehensive release schedule, to be launched on September 26, 2011, encompassing CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray discs, SACD, an array of digital [...]

Katy Perry sets historic radio play record with ‘E.T.’

Global pop superstar Katy Perry has broken yet another record – her massive hit single ‘E.T.’ featuring Kanye West has smashed her own previous record for the highest ever number of plays on US radio in one week in the history of the Nielsen BDS mainstream top 40 survey! The fourth single from her Grammy-nominated [...]

Michael Franti brings his Sound of Sunshine to Europe

Michael Franti & Spearhead will follow the top 20 debut in the US at the end of last year for ‘The Sound of Sunshine’ with its release this month in the UK and Europe. The US result was Michael’s highest ever Billboard Top 200 debut, and now across the pond the title track has been [...]