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April 2011
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Day April 6, 2011

EMI establishes new one stop North American sync & licensing unit

Brian Monaco to head new US sales operation, as EMI Music Publishing’s industry leading sales team begins to represent EMI Music master recordings New York, NY, 6 April 2011 — EMI has announced that it is creating a new enlarged synchronization and licensing division, as it looks to expand the music licensing service it offers [...]

Miles Leonard promoted to lead Virgin & Parlophone A&R for EMI Music UK

London, April 6 2011 – EMI Music UK has appointed Miles Leonard to the newly-created position of President of Parlophone & Virgin A&R Labels, it was announced today. Previously President of A&R Labels, Parlophone, Leonard will now lead both Virgin and Parlophone’s music discovery and development teams in the UK. He will continue to be [...]