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March 2011
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Day March 25, 2011

Global music effort launches ‘Songs for Japan’ album on iTunes to benefit Japan disaster relief

In what stands as a major global music relief effort to benefit those affected by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, over 30 of the biggest names in contemporary music have joined together for the worldwide release of ‘Songs for Japan’, an unprecedented compilation of 38 chart-topping hits and classic tracks, available worldwide on the [...]

Kylie – put your fans up

As if the Pete Hammond remix of Kylie‘s ‘Put Your Hands Up’ wasn’t enough, now you can add you and your friends to the video! Click on the image below to be taken to Kylie’s Facebook page and join in:

Katy Perry’s alien mosaic

Check out Katy Perry‘s amazing mosaic of fan photos based on Katy in the upcoming video to her new single ‘E.T.‘ Here’s the mosaic next to the original: Click here to see the mosaic in full and to see if your picture made it in. And if you want some tips on how get a [...]