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March 2011
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Day March 3, 2011

Professor Green links up with Alcatel to launch new phone

Following the success last year of the partnership between Eliza Doolittle and ALCATEL ONE TOUCH to launch their new phone, ALCATEL have today teamed up with Virgin Records artist Professor Green to launch their new 802 qwerty model exclusively through Phones 4u in the UK. The launch includes a ‘text to win’ campaign for tickets [...]

Sky Ferreira to release brand new digital EP in March

Already familiar to many from her sultry and enigmatic presence in global ad campaigns for the likes of Tommy Hilfiger Denim and Calvin Klein’s ck one, 18-year-old singer songwriter Sky Ferreira has confirmed the US release of her new digital EP ‘As If!’ on March 22. The lead track, ‘Sex Rules’, is currently for sale [...]

You Me At Six’s mobile social platform reaches half a million fans

UK pop-punk quintet You Me At Six launched their very own mobile social platform at the end of last year – You Me At Six: Mobile Backstage – and their super-charged fans have flocked to the community with over half a million checking it out already! Says the band’s Josh Frencheschi: “It’s incredible to have [...]