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December 2010
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Day December 8, 2010

Tinie Tempah unveils new video for ‘Invincible’

It’s been an incredible year for Tinie Tempah – the UK’s breakout artist of the year with more singles sold than any other British act this year – over 1.3 million – two number one singles and a number one platinum debut album, ‘Disc-Overy’. Live favourite ‘Invincible’ featuring Kelly Rowland is the fouth track to [...]

New Daft Punk clips for TRON track ‘Derezzed’

Daft Punk‘s brilliant soundtrack for ‘TRON: Legacy’ is released this week. The set includes ‘Derezzed’. Check out these stunning teasers for the track: Daft Punk “Derezzed” Uploaded by daftpunk. – Watch more music videos, in HD! Teaser Daft Punk “Derezzed” Uploaded by emimusicfrance. – Watch more music videos, in HD!

30 Seconds To Mars unleash new video for ‘Hurricane’

Thirty Seconds To Mars are renowned for their epic short films, and their latest, for new single ‘Hurricane’ featuring Kanye West, is no exception. Directed by established band partner Bartholomew Cubbins who has helmed many of the band’s videos indluding this year’s MTV VMA winning video for ‘Kings & Queens’, the first single from their [...]