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November 2010
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Day November 11, 2010

Who’s that getting ready to go on stage for Dazed Digital?

Iron Maiden confirm 2011 UK arena tour dates

Following their hugely successful tour of North America last year and dates across Europe including Knebworth Sonisphere in the UK this summer, Iron Maiden have confirmed details of a string of UK arena dates next year that will be the final gigs in their huge ‘Final Frontier World Tour 2010/11′. The UK dates will be [...]

BIMM A&R Music Business Apprenticeship in association with EMI Music

BIMM, the UK’s leading rock ‘n’ roll college, is announcing an educational partnership with EMI Music, the result of which will be a ground-breaking new course – The BIMM A&R Music Business Apprenticeship. This is an innovative new initiative where students can be trained in the core area of the music industry from the experts, [...]

Snoop prepares for his forthcoming Doggumentary

Multi-platinum hip-hop superstar Snoog Dogg has confirmed that his 11th stuio album, ‘Doggumentary Music’, will be released in March 2011 through Priority Records/EMI. And to kick off the holiday season, Snoop has released ‘New Year’s Eve’, featuring newcomer Marty James, which is available now on iTunes. Speaking about his new album, Snoop says: “I have [...]