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October 2010
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Month October 2010

Tinie Tempah to speak at the Oxford Union

UK rap superstar Tinie Tempah has been confirmed to speak at the world famous Oxford Union debating society this Sunday, October 31. Tinie, whose debut album ‘Disc-Overy’ hit number one on its release earlier this month, will speak to the student audience about his meteoric rise to fame over the course of 2010. “The Oxford [...]

Katy Perry launches Firework video

Katy Perry‘s stunning new video for ‘Firework’ is now out. Check it out below. In other news, Katy has just been confirmed as one of the performers at this year’s American Music Awards on November 21 where she is in the running for three awards including Artist of the Year. Before that Katy will be [...]

Kylie on ‘Dancing With The Stars’

Look who was the musical guest on the top rated US TV show ‘Dancing With The Stars’ on Tuesday night – the ever lovely Kylie Minogue performing her latest single ‘Get Out Of My Way’. Click on the image below to watch:

Motörhead team up with EMI for new album

We’re very pleased to welcome legendary rockers Motörhead to EMI. The band have formed ‘Motörhead Music’ and teamed up with EMI Label Services for the release of their brand new studio album, ‘The Wörld is Yours’, on December 13. Written and recorded by Lemmy Kilmister, Philip Campbell and Mikkey Dee in both the US and [...]

Bryan Ferry and The Chemical Brothers honoured at the Q Awards

Congratulations to Bryan Ferry and The Chemical Brothers who were both winners at this year’s prestigious Q Awards in London. Bryan won the Icon award, while The Chemical Brothers were awarded the Icon prize. Both attended the ceremony in person to pick up their awards. ‘Olympia’, the brand new album from Bryan Ferry is released [...]

Guetta Events and EMI team up for F*** ME I’M FAMOUS partnership

We’re very pleased to announce a new joint venture agreement between EMI Music and David and Cathy Guetta’s Guetta Events company to build F*** ME I’M FAMOUS into a global dance brand. F*** ME I’M FAMOUS was launched as an Ibiza club night by Cathy Guetta in 2001 and has grown to become the leading [...]

EMI Music and Guetta events agree F*** ME I’M FAMOUS joint venture partnership

PARIS, 22 OCTOBER 2010 — EMI Music have signed a joint venture agreement with Cathy and David Guetta’s Guetta Events company, to turn the Ibiza dance marque F*** ME I’M FAMOUS into a global dance brand. F*** ME I’M FAMOUS was launched as an Ibiza club night by Cathy Guetta in 2001, and has firmly [...]

Katy Perry’s ‘Firework’ video trailer

Professor Green launches ground-breaking 360 degree video

Breakout UK rap star Professor Green has unveiled a ground-breaking interactive 360 degree video for his new track ‘Coming To Get Me’. In partnership with Doritos and their Late Night flavours campaign, the video is the first interactive 360 degree video to be hosted on YouTube. The track was written exclusively for this online experience [...]

Robbie launches Facebook Tag Yourself feature

Have you been to one of Robbie Williams‘ stunning gigs over the last 20 years? Head over to Robbie’s Facebook page as every Monday a new picture of one of his past shows will be posted and fans can tag themselves to claim their place in the photo. This week’s pic is from Robbie’s gig [...]