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September 2010
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Day September 21, 2010

Tinie Tempah launches new format for his debut album ‘Disc-Overy’

Less than two weeks to go to the release of one of the most anticipated albums of the year, ‘Disc-Overy’ by breakout UK star Tinie Tempah, and as well as the range of physical and digital formats you’d be right to expect, Tinie is the first artist to make his album available as a lanyard [...]

EMI launches new album format with Tinie Tempah’s debut album

‘Disc-Overy’ will be available as a lanyard with unique download code LONDON, 21 SEPTEMBER 2010 – Tinie Tempah, 2010’s biggest breakout UK music star will be the first artist ever to release his hotly anticipated debut album, ‘Disc-Overy’, in the form of a lanyard. The new format will feature a unique download code enabling fans [...]

Eliza Doolittle’s new video ‘Rollerblades’ out now

Eliza Doolittle has just released this great video for her new single ‘Rollerblades’ which is taken from her self-titled debut album which has now been certified gold in the UK. ‘Rollerblades’ is released as a single October 18. Click below to watch the video.

Katy Perry duets with Elmo on Sesame Street

The delightful Katy Perry stopped by Sesame Street recently for a sweet duet about friendship with Elmo, reworking her massive hit single ‘Hot and Cold’. See it here: