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September 2010
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Day September 17, 2010

Coldplay launch live gallery

Were you at one of the shows on Coldplay‘s massive Viva La Vida world tour? Or want to know what it was like to be there? Coldplay have launched a new section on their website Coldplay.com called Live Transmissions for fans to post pictures and videos from every single show on the Viva La Vida [...]

Deluxe edition of Thirty Seconds To Mars’ ‘This Is War’ due in November

Thirty Seconds To Mars have announced that a deluxe edition of their current hit album ‘This Is War’ will be released at the beginning of November featuring new tracks and bonus DVD content. The deluxe album will include a new version of their single ‘Hurricane’ featuring Kanye West, live recordings of Lady Gaga’s ‘Bad Romance’ [...]

Preview KT Tunstall’s new album ‘Tiger Suit’

KT Tunstall‘s amazing new album ‘Tiger Suit’ is released at the end of this month (October 5 in the US) but you can hear a preview of it right now. Simply tell some friends about the album and you can access the ‘Tiger Suit’ sneak preview. Go over to KT’s website for full details.