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September 2010
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Day September 3, 2010

EMI Music artists at NYC’s Electric Zoo this weekend

For all fans of electronic music in the New York area this weekend, get ready for Electric Zoo at Randall’s Island.  Two full days of some of the world’s best DJs, including The Chemical Brothers, Axwell (of Swedish House Mafia) on Saturday and Moby on Sunday. Grab your glo-sticks and head for Randall’s Island.  Click [...]

Free Energy live in Philly this weekend

Philadelphia-based Free Energy are playing a hometown block party this weekend (if you’re in Philly this is a can’t-miss!).  Their performance of “Dream City” will be broadcast live on NPR’s prestigious World Cafe show this Saturday, Sept. 4th.   Click here to find your local NPR station and schedules. Free Energy’s T Rex-esque rockin’ track, “Dream City”  is making [...]

Hot City does their take on Hot Chip’s “We Have Love”

Electronic-rock group Hot Chip are revered for their remixes, but for their next project, they’re letting some of their friends twiddle the knobs on their own creations.  “We Have Remixes,” which is out digitally in the rest of the world now, and will be out in the US on September 7th, includes remixes of five [...]

Kylie’s new video for ‘Get Outta My Way’ premieres

Kylie‘s stunning video for her new single ‘Get Outta My Way’ has just premiered. Wait no longer and watch the visual feast here in wonderful High Definition: Fans in Germany should head over here to see the video and those in Sweden should go here. ‘Get Outta My Way’, which is taken from Kylie’s current [...]