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August 2010
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Day August 27, 2010

Video sneak peek for Kylie’s “Get Outta My Way” + Hamptons with Rufus

UPDATE:  NY Post’s Page Six raved about Kylie’s performance on Saturday.  Check it out. Kylie Minogue is readying her next video for “Get Outta My Way” from her latest album “Aphrodite.” The video is directed by ALEXANDLIANE and features lasers and Kylie’s signature collection of extremely attractive people. You can catch a quick thirty second [...]

A gorgeous Katy Perry mosaic of fans in hashtag art project

Katy Perry really shares the love with her fans!  First, she made sure her fans camping for her NBC “Today Show” appearance out had some comfy pillows and blankets.  Next, she and the “Today Show” got the twitterverse involved in a hashtag art project about Katy’s concert, which was broadcast live from Rockefeller Plaza in New York [...]