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August 2010
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Day August 17, 2010

ESPN Proclaims 2010 as “the Year of The Dougie”

The boys of the Cali Swag District are doing The Dougie in the end zone, as ESPN has officially declared 2010 the “Year of the Dougie.”  This red hot dance has become a favorite move for gridiron heroes, who have been been breaking out their versions of The Dougie to celebrate touchdowns across America’s National Football League.  [...]

KT Tunstall: (Still a) Weirdo

KT Tunstall just returned from the hills of rural Tennessee where she filmed her latest video for the track “(Still a) Weirdo” from her upcoming album “Tiger Suit.”  On the track KT experiments with a little beatbox and looped vocals.  Check out this sun-drenched, summertime video here:

EMI Music videos arrive on VidZone™ on PlayStation®3

Thousands of new videos join VidZone’s PlayStation®3 service VidZone and EMI to work together to create dedicated artist and label TV channels More than 450 million videos delivered by VidZone since launch London, August 17 2010: Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) is pleased to announce that from 17 August 2010, EMI Music artist videos including [...]

Deadmau5 mans the decks at the MTV VMAs as house DJ

Electronic music impressario Deadmau5 will man the decks as house artist for MTV’s Video Music Awards (VMAs) on Sept. 12 in Los Angeles. Says Deadmau5 (aka Toronto-born Joel Zimmerman), “It’s a wicked honor and privilege to do whatever the hell it is I am doing at the 2010 VMAs, and I am super stoked.” As [...]

Thirty Seconds to Mars premiere new video for “Closer to the Edge”

Once again Thirty Seconds to Mars put the epic back in music video with their latest offering, “Closer to the Edge” which debuted in the US on MySpace this week.  The clip was shot live in 89 cities in 27 countries during the band’s “Into the Wild” tour. The band is currently nominated for four [...]

Katy crashes high school dance, makes some teenage dreams come true in Oz

Some students at Melbourne High School got a huge surprise when pop super star Katy Perry ‘crashed’ their formal dance during a promo visit to Australia this week to promote her upcoming album, “Teenage Dream.”  Apparently, Ms. Perry has been a lot of places, but the starlet never had the chance to attend her own [...]