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August 2010
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Day August 9, 2010

How Eli became the “Paperboy” on NPR

To celebrate the release of his latest album in the US, Eli “Paperboy” Reed talked to NPR’s Weekend Edition about his nickname (started when he was a Massachussetts high school student, and stuck), his improbable stint playing juke joints in Mississippi and how legends ranging from Sam Cooke and Ray Charles helped inform his own [...]

Chiddy Bang’s “The Swelly Life” goes backstage at Glastonbury

Episode 2 of Philadelphia Hip Hop duo Chiddy Bang‘s web series, “The Swelly Life” captured some of the flavor of their appearance England’s Glastonbury Festival last month.  Check it out below — and is that a certain Professor Green we see giving them a shout out? The Swelly Life – Episode 2 – Glastonbury Chiddy Bang | MySpace Music [...]

Empire of the Sun make a splash from Lollapalooza to the Big Apple

Australia’s Empire of the Sun played Perry’s Stage at Lollapalooza over the weekend and headed straight east to  to headline their first show at NYC’s Terminal 5 on Sunday night.  In the first of two dates at this Big Apple venue, frontmen Luke Steele and Nick Littlemore pulled out all the stops, including dancers and a spectacular [...]