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August 2010
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Day August 4, 2010

Remix-o-rama widget from Hot Chip

This is cool!  Electro dance champions Hot Chip announced earlier they are releasing an EP of remixes in September. Rather than wait for the EP, you can play with those remixes right now via this widget from MXP4. Check out and purchase tons of remixes and video clips from their latest album “One Life Stand.”  Get [...]

A workout playlist that will melt your popsicle from Equinox and Katy Perry

Ever wonder what  “California Gurl” Katy Perry plays on her iPod during workouts?  Here’s a hint.  Ms. Perry took time out from finishing and promoting her new upcoming album, “Teenage Dream,” (out August 24 in the US and August 30th in the rest of the world)  and donned her headphones to create a playlist of high-energy tracks for [...]

Eli “Paperboy” Reed on songs, singing and soul

After his album release in the UK earlier this year, Eli “Paperboy” Reed‘s album “Come and Get It” will bow in the US on August 10.  He took some time during a recent tour to answer some questions about his nickname, his voice and his soulful ambitions. You can take a look here:

Free Energy track in new Shaun White ad for Target

The track “Dream City” from DFA rockers Free Energy is the soundtrack to a new ad from US retailer Target touting Olympic Gold medalist Shaun White’s new line of clothing .  Free Energy’s album “Stuck on Nothing,” produced by LCD Soundsystem frontman James Murphy, is currently available around the world. Shaun White Target Commerical feat. Free Energy \”Dream [...]

Hot Chip announce We Have Remixes EP and US tour supporting LCD Soundsystem

Hot Chip have teamed up with some of the most inspirational producers around to create a new EP called ‘We Have Remixes’ which will be released on September 7, followed by a US tour supporting LCD Soundsystem. All four remixes on the EP are taken from Hot Chip’s fourth studio album ‘One Life Stand’ and [...]