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July 2010
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Month July 2010

Kylie #1 in UK album chart

Congratulations to Kylie Minogue whose album ‘Aphrodite’ debuted at #1 in the British album chart yesterday, making this her fifth album to reach #1 in the UK. To find out more about how Kylie feels about releasing her 11th studio album, what it was like working with super-producer Stuart Price and how The Scissor Sister’s [...]

LCD Soundsystem, Chemical Brothers and Jónsi among URB’s Best of 2010 so far

Tastemakers URB.com have put out their list of ten best albums of 2010 so far.  From the EMI family LCD Soundsystem‘s “This Is Happening” make the list at #3, The Chemical Brothers‘ “Further” nabs the #6 spot ,and Jónsi’s “Go” is #7.

New behind-the-scenes video and preview track from KT Tunstall

Some people forget their dreams when they wake up.  Not singer/songwriter KT Tunstall.  A very powerful dream is what inspired her new album, “Tiger Suit,” out this fall (Sept 20 in the UK, October 5 in the US).  This new collection of music, described by KT as “Nature Techno,’ feature collaborators including co-writers Martin Terefe, Linda [...]

Ask Katy Perry — anything — via YouTube. She might just answer!

What does Katy Perry have in common with President Barack Obama and Academy Award winner James Cameron? They’ve all been tapped by YouTube to use its new Moderator tool. (And Katy is the first musical artist to use YouTube Moderator). Here’s how YouTube Moderator works. Fans can go to Katy Perry’s YouTube Channel and submit questions via [...]

Danger Mouse and James Mercer’s acoustic version of “Insane Lullaby”

Danger Mouse and Broken Bells bandmate James Mercer recently filmed this insanely good acoustic performance of “Insane Lullaby.”  The track, on which Mercer collaborates with Danger Mouse and the late Mark Linkous (Sparklehorse),  is from the gorgeous album Dark Night of the Soul, being released next week (July 12 UK/Rest of the world, July 13 in [...]

David Guetta’s conquers the US charts with unique combo of urban and dance genres

Grammy-winning artist and producer David Guetta has long dominated the dance and electronic music scene in Europe. But it was his unique melding of the urban/Hip Hop and electronic music genres evident on his smash hit album “One Love,” that firmly established him as one of the hottest music names in the US as well. [...]

Ringo gets a little help from his friends, plus some ‘peace and love’ on his birthday

Ringo Starr celebrates his 70th birthday today, and Rolling Stone is helping him celebrate by releasing this exclusive clip of Ringo playing “With a Little Help From My Friends” featuring guests performers Ben Harper and Relentless7 and Joan Osbourne.  The performance is from the upcoming season of “Live From the Artists Den” and was recorded at the [...]

Hello Cleveland! Sick Puppies do live taping tonight for iTunes release later this summer

Aussie rockers Sick Puppies are making a tour stop at the House of Blues in Cleveland tonight, where Live Nation will be recording their show for an iTunes exclusive to be released in the US later this summer.  Rock on Shim, Emma and Mark!  The band is touring in support of their latest album, “Tri-Polar” out [...]

Katy Perry keeps breaking sales, airplay (and possibly, video tribute) records!

Katy Perry’s “California Gurls” keeps breaking records for sales and airplay around the world.  This hands-down summer anthem has scoried another record with more than 13,000 spins in one week for two weeks running on both the Mediabase and BDS charts in the US.  The song has the record for the quickest rise to #1 [...]

Kylie headed for number one

The Official Charts Company has confirmed that Kylie is on track for her fifth UK number one album with her latest release ‘Aphrodite’ which was launched earlier this week. In the latests Official Albums Update, ‘Aphrodite’ has sold twice as many copies as any other release so far this week. The final chart will be [...]