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July 2010
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Day July 12, 2010

“Rain is a Good Thing” for Luke Bryan — another #1 single!

Capitol Records Nashville’s Luke Bryan is celebrating his second consecutive #1 single with “Rain Is A Good Thing” hitting the top of both the Billboard and Mediabase/Country Aircheck singles charts.  This follows his #1 Gold®-certified smash “Do I.” In addition to enjoying the chart success of his current album, “Doin’ My Thing,” which contains both hit [...]

Celtic Woman TV Special receives Emmy® nomination

Celtic Woman and their Musical Director David Downes have been honored with an Emmy® Nomination for “Outstanding Music Direction” of the recent PBS TV special, “Songs From The Heart, Live at Powerscourt House & Gardens.” “Manhattan Records are extremely proud of the always stellar performances delivered by Celtic Woman as well as the tremendous effort [...]

Kylie #1 in UK album chart

Congratulations to Kylie Minogue whose album ‘Aphrodite’ debuted at #1 in the British album chart yesterday, making this her fifth album to reach #1 in the UK. To find out more about how Kylie feels about releasing her 11th studio album, what it was like working with super-producer Stuart Price and how The Scissor Sister’s [...]